What is being proposed?

The application will be submitted in outline with all matters reserved except for means of access.  This means that planning permission is only being sought, at this stage, for the access points and principle of developing the site for housing.  Through the application key parameters such as maximum quantum of development and proposed development parcels across the site will be agreed.

The detailed design proposals will follow, and this will be the stage where the precise layout of the scheme is fixed and matters such as the appearance of the houses and formal landscaping scheme will be fully designed.  There will be further opportunities at this time to comment on the detailed design as it evolves.    

The plans currently propose:

  • A mix of up to 550 family homes;
  • Vehicular access from Cowm Top along the northern boundary;
  • Emergency, pedestrian and cycle access only off Trows Lane;
  • Provision of a large linear park;
  • The retention of the Public Rights of Way and provision of improved linkages;
  • Providing further native trees, hedging and landscaping to complement the proposed housing and existing setting of the site; and
  • Providing Public Open Spaces (POS) throughout the site to create an attractive living environment.

The proposals aim to deliver a scheme that creates a safe sense of place and a well-balanced mixed community.  This will be achieved by offering a range of different house types and sizes which will reflect the market conditions and local needs at the time of delivery, but with a clear focus on delivering high quality family housing.  The proposals are informed by a significant amount of technical site and survey work.

Illustrative Character Area Inset Plans

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Character Area 1 (click on the image to expand)
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Character Area 3

The new linear park proposed will stretch the full length of the site, north to south, and will serve both existing residents as well as the new homes.  It will provide a substantial area of useable POS for recreational and leisure purposes and also offer biodiversity opportunities as part of the wider landscaping scheme.  Additional landscaped areas and pockets of open space across the whole site will provide a network of green linkages, offering safe and attractive pedestrian connections throughout the site.  

Pedestrian and cycle linkages are proposed which will improve the connectivity of the site with the surrounding local area, utilising the existing opportunities available of linking to the Public Rights of Way and cycle network. 

Access to the site will be from Cowm Top Lane, extending and upgrading the existing road to the development site. Emergency vehicles only, along with pedestrians and cyclists, will use Trows Lane to access the site.  Studies have already been undertaken to assess the impact of traffic from the development with the modelling positively demonstrating that the development can be accommodated without detrimental impact to the operational capacity or safety of the local roads.