Where is the site?

The site is located within the Castleton area of Rochdale, comprising land between the existing built up area, M62 and A627(M) It sits to the south of Cowm Top Business Park and adjoins the existing residential area of Castleton.  It extends to approximately 19.65 hectares in area, and whilst open land is not designated as green belt. 

The site is sustainably located, with the services and facilities in Castleton within easy reach of the site by walking, cycling and public transport.  A range of public transport options allow access to Rochdale, Manchester and other destinations, including Castleton Railway and the bus corridor along Manchester Road.

The site was previously identified in the emerging Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) as a draft allocation for housing. It continues to be identified as a draft housing allocation in Places for Everyone (PfE); the revised GMSF following the withdrawal of Stockport. The PfE notes the site “is available and deliverable for residential development and provides an excellent opportunity to widen housing choice in a sustainable location”. Despite the delays surrounding the Joint Development Plan, the site provides an opportunity for a high quality housing scheme to start coming forward in the short term.